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23% weight reduction, 75% reduction in in required design space and 85% less GWP (Global Warming Potential).

All this with a smaller package and while ensuring the same stiffness as the current series component. We reached these goals in collaboration with ENGEL, Feronyl and other partners with our GEMINUS cold-shot tape sandwich technology in a seat bench base.

GEMINUS technology is based on thermoplastic tapes that are applied to the top and bottom of the component. There they have the greatest influence on the mechanical properties. That creates a highly rigid sandwich structure that saves material compared to the original component. As a result, and due to the low thickness of the individual tapes of just 0.2 mm, the amount of material required is reduced to a minimum. This keeps costs low and reduces the component’s global warming potential. Instead of the standard polypropylene, a biomass-balanced variant with a 10% glass fiber reinforcement based on cooking oil residues was used. This change in material further reduced the carbon footprint of the GEMINUS component.

The GEMINUS technology

The tapes are applied via automated insertion into the mold and subsequent cold-shot injection molding in a single production step. That means that no additional heating system is required to preheat the tapes. A special mold technology with a vacuum system was developed to hold the tapes in position during the injection molding process. This fixes the tapes at the edges and corners.

To further reduce the weight, the base material was additionally foamed, whereby three various foaming options were successfully implemented:

_combined foaming with precision opening

_purely chemical foaming

_physical foaming

This served to ensure compatibility on a wide variety of systems. Optimized process parameters based on Moldflow simulations ensured a tight bond between the tapes and the foamed base material in the sandwich composite. The GEMINUS technology was validated using test specimens, component tests and endurance tests in accordance with KTM quality standards.

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The GEMINUS technology provides an ideal basis for components that optimally support the principles of consistent eco-design. We achieve a reduction in the amount of material used and an extension of the service life of the material. The GWP is reduced by up to 85% due to the used materials with the GEMINUS technology. In addition, the bench base can be recycled in closed-loop recycling.

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Winner of the SPE Award 2022

Winner in the “Body Exterior” category: Hybrid brake disk protection

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